Thursday, November 22, 2007

ASLAK Rune stone

Rune stone find authenticated(Denmark) - NNN Reporters Newsroom:

"The Copenhagen Post Rune stone find authenticated 21.11.2007 Archaeologists have confirmed the authenticity of a rune carved into a stone over a millennium ago Add Aslak to the list of names that already includes Roulf, Gudmund, Åver, Sote, Elev, Asgot, Thormund, Ragnhild, Alle and Thorith.
Yesterday, officials from Odense City Museums acknowledged that Aslak is the newest confirmed name of a Viking immortalised in runes.

The announcement comes after a months long study of a stone found earlier this year in the town of Faaborg, Funen. The runes spelling the name Aslak - likely a chieftain during Denmark's late Iron Age or early Viking period - were probably made at some point between 750 and 800 AD. While the stone itself is a sizeable boulder measuring 50 cm by 150 cm, the simple inscription 'Aslak' belies the high status of the person who bore the name. 'He was undoubtedly a very powerful man, since there's some kind of monument to him,' said archaeologist Karsten Kjær Mikkelsen. 'We normally find the remains of settlements, their treasures or their graves, but most exciting of all is when you learn the name of someone who lived in the Viking age.' New rune stone finds are few and far between, and the new find is the first rune to be found on the "