Thursday, March 02, 2006

more helmets

Regia Anglorum - Arms and Armour of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age - Helmets: "Head armour of the period consisted of helmets sometimes including a mail coif. Helmets were made in a variety of ways and from several materials, with the single objective of deflecting or completely withstanding a blow from a sword." AND NO HORNS

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horns area nineteenth cnetury idea based on bronze age ceremonial helmets

viking helmet - Google Image Search

one good hack with an ax on a horned helmet would take the wearer down

pages by Torkild.Waagaard

Olav den Hellige a project to make a victorian style naturalistic equestrian statue of OLAV DEN HELLIGE (St. Olav or Olav Haraldsson) to be erected in Hole kommune which is 50 km northwest of Oslo,Norway
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Viking swords

Gjermundbu viking helmet copy made by Torkild Waagaard , after autentic drawings from the Historic Museum 'Oldsaksamlinga' Oslo Norway. This is a copy of the only complete viking helmet ever found in Norway."