Monday, September 27, 2004

Borgerlønsbevægelsen (hovedside)

Basis for et friere velfærdssamfund
uden tvangsaktivering, klientgørelse
og formynderi

Google Search: borgerløn
Arto - Danmarks hyggeligste hjemmeside

Livet er Noget LORT...!

Mandag d. 27. september 2004

Hvorfor leve NåR Folk Kun kan Såre En.?

De kan Jo kun Lege Med Ens Føleser..

De Tænker ikke på a de faktisk ØDELÆGGER MiT LiV..!

teenrant by MizzE-PiiiN P15

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Everything Danish Home Page

ambitious but empty

Thursday, September 23, 2004 A Paddies Paranoia
25 year old Irish man living in Denmark.
but he says nothing about where he is - only generalities about 'puters and games

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

URL from my email:-DR Regioner

No cars allowed in central Copenhagen today
CAR FREE DAY bilfri dag i dag,
about 37 000 people live and work there - det levende net
has a webcam

Webcam townhall square

watch this space LOL

Sunday, September 19, 2004

My Blogs


  • This is my oldest blog and I use this for news and notes about my site
    Danish Census and Church Books, other sites, and my daily surfing of the net.
    The blog has been rightly criticised as chaotic but googling will discover some pearls.

  • Exploring Rootsweb

  • I spent a lot of time adminstering message boards and will build up a guide to Rootsweb.

  • Exploring Ancestry dot com and co uk

  • I log on here nearly every day to surf the census and do look ups for myself and friends, and it is so big that a guide is needed to the many databases.

  • Getting to know AOL

  • America Online has become my favourite ISP in UK and I use AOL for chat and as a BBS.

  • Viking

  • This will eventually include a viking novel in public first draft, but also has stuff about modern Denmark. I have been cooking up a historical novel for about 20 years since I imagined a boatload of tired vikings rowing round the corner by the cliffs, and arriving in the fjord at Klaksvik in the Faeroe Islands. I wrongly thought a historical novel would be an easier project for a wannabe or newbie novelist.

  • 1805

  • This started as a project to translate selected pages of the diary of Hans Christian Andersen but he was born the same year that Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson died and I am comparing what UK and DK will celebrate in their 2005 bicentenary .

  • Memories

  • I am living history because I was born in 1936.

  • Hugh's Review of Reviews

  • My first success as a freelancee journalist was in the Record Review in 1960, and I enjoy bring critical and analytical. I have retired as a musician and recommencing my career as a writer, I have decided to self-publish in the blogsphere rather than on paper.

  • Hugh's Bloog

  • This is about blogging - and other silly stuff like my health and web oddities.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Stuvede kartofler

Stuvede kartofler

¾ kg kogte kartofler

4 dl mælk
30 g dulle
2 spsk mel
salt og peber
1 bdt. hk. persille, dild eller purløg

Pil kartoflerne og skær dem i skiver eller terninger. Bring mælken i kog. Rør mel og dulle sammen til en smørbolle. Pisk den i mælken. Lad stuvningen koge 4-5 min., mens der røres. Smag til med salt og peber.
Kom kartoflerne i stuvningen og lad dem varme igennem. Drys med hk. krydderurter.
Serveres til stegt flæsk, pølser, røget kød eller fisk og til spegesild.

from my email:-
"Forstuvede kartofler"
"sprained potatoes" is a joke, for 'stuvede kartofler' which must be
potatoes in a thickened sauce.

or a white sauce

Google Search: madopskrifter food - recipes Google Search: madopskrift food - recipe

Google Search: madopskriften food - recipe - the

the Danes have equal problems with recipes in english - translating the name of the ingredients and the antique measures, like a cup or a tea spoon in grams and cc

Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Skoleskibet KØBENHAVN

In Search of the Five-master That Disappeared Without Trace
Can you help me build up the picture of The Danish Training Ship 'KØBENHAVN'?

Around Christmas 1928, the world's largest sailing ship disappeared in the South Atlantic, on it's way from Buenos Aires to Adelaide.
The Danish five-master 'KØBENHAVN' (Copenhagen) had a crew of 60 of which 45 were cadets.

Extensive searches were in vain and not a single trace has ever been found and the tragedy has become one of the great mysteries of the world's maritime history"
Danish telephone book KRAK

De Gule Sider - fagbog, hvide sider, kort og rutevejledning the competition by TDC the danish national telephone company

Brugt, køb og salg på - Den Blå Avis på nettet small adds in Denmark

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

El-Giganten : BLACK&DECKER V2410 Håndstøvsuger for hurtig og effektiv støsvugning

Field's need a hand vacuum cleaner and my skimmed milk was sour
so heading for the metro

great URL

Sunday, September 05, 2004

IOL: Replica Viking ship bound for Ireland:

04/09/2004 - 19:34:23

Queen Margrethe of Denmark, whose Viking ancestors once raided European shores, today christened a replica of a 1,000-year-old war ship that is due to sail to Britain and Ireland in 2007.

Following ancient Norse tradition, the Danish monarch poured water from a creek on the stern of the 99ft longship – billed as the world’s most ambitious Viking ship reconstruction.

“Your name shall be Havhingsten (Stallion of the Sea) from Glendalough,” Queen Margrethe said during the ceremony at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, 25 miles west of Copenhagen.

The original warship, which was excavated in the Roskilde fjord, was built in 1042 in Glendalough, south of Dublin.

Instead of fierce Viking warriors, the replica will carry a crew of 60 volunteers hoping to learn more about Viking-era navigation on their journey to Dublin, a city founded by Vikings and the ship’s main destination.

“May you bring the crew to safe port, may you strengthen the ties between Denmark and Ireland,” the Queen said.

Culture Minister John O’Donoghue, who attended the christening, promised the crew would be welcome in Dublin.

“In many ways the vessel’s arrival in Dublin in 2007 will be a homecoming,” he said. “This is because the original warship was built there in about 1042. Dublin was its home port.”

Mr O’Donoghue joined Queen Margrethe and other Danish officials for a 45-minute journey in the fjord after dozens of workers pulled the 7.5-ton ship into the water before 20,000 cheering spectators.

The ship’s mast, sail and riggings will be mounted in late September, said Max Vinner, a museum curator.

He said volunteers would train for two years before crossing the North Sea. The ports-of-call on the way to Dublin have not been decided, but Vinner said the crew would choose “towns and sites loaded with Viking history”.

The sailors will study how the replica behaves at sea, adding that the original was one of the most advanced vessels of its time.

“They also will find out how life, eating, cooking and fighting was aboard,” he said.

[LOL cooking was done ashore on the beach - dried fish is good to chew]

copyright : The Press Association | The UK leader in news and sports information : and thanks to Ireland On-Line - HOME found via Google News

Havhingsten I heard the queen of Denmark say the name on TV news but I could not catch it
Roskilde Avis local news

Friday, September 03, 2004

Gammel Dansk
a bitter schnaps 38% by volume
Google Search: bitter schnaps

Mrs Google said: Did you mean: bitter schnapps

drunk with marinated pickled herring on ryebread all from Netto

Hårde facts om NETTO

  • 1981 Den første Netto åbner på Godthåbsvej i København
  • 1990 Netto åbner i Tyskland
  • 1990 Netto åbner i England
  • 1995 Netto åbner i Polen
  • 2002 Netto åbner i Sverige

357 butikker i Danmark

Mimersvej 1
4600 Køge
Telefon 43 56 88 11
Telefax 43 56 88 12
E-mail: Klik venligst her

220 butikker i Tyskland

Netto Supermarkt GmbH & Co, oHG
Preetzer Strasse 22
17153 Stavenhagen
Telefon 00 49 399 54 36 00
Telefax 00 49 399 54 210 33

134 butikker i England

Netto Foodstores Limited
Elmsall Way
South Elmsall
Near Pontefract
Telefon 00 44 1977 641 212
Telefax 00 44 1977 645 852

80 butikker i Polen

Netto, Artykuly Zywnosciowe Sp.Z.o.o.
Motaniec 30
73-108 Kobylanka
Telefon 0048 914 699 999
Fax 0048 914 699 998

36 butikker i Sverige

Netto Marknad AB
Box 602
301 80 Halmstad
Telefon +46 (0) 35 150 400
Telefax +46 (0) 35 150 470

Netto er en del af Dansk Supermarked A/S, der ejes af A.P. Møller og F. Salling. Dansk Supermarked driver bl.a. også Bilka og føtex, to af Danmarks største varehus-kæder. Tilsammen udgør kæderne Danmarks næststørste detailhandelsvirksomhed, der er helt igennem dansk.

I september 1990 påbegyndte Netto en internationaliseringsproces, og åbnede den første butik i Mecklenburg-Vorpommern i Tyskland - umiddelbart efter Murens fald. Netto´s ekspansion i Tyskland har siden fordelt sig til delstaterne Brandenburg, Berlin og Sachsen-Anhalt og tæller i dag 220 butikker.