Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The Viking new year was in the spring
we have just started the YULE DAYS which amount to a score of days ???
OED says a heathen feast lasting twelve days, (later) Christmas

first Yule day, I guess, was the shortest day (22 December)

which makes today x the tenth day of YULE (no arabic / indian numerals known to vikings see below)

OED says

726 Bæda De Temp. Rat. xv, De Mensibus Anglorum ... Primusque eorum mensis, quem Latini Januarium vocant, dicitur Giuli.+ December Giuli, eodem quo Januarius nomine, vocatur.+ Menses Giuli a conversione solis in auctum diei, quia unus eorum præcedit, alius subsequitur, nomina accipiunt

[The modern form descends from OE. jeól, earlier jeoh(h)ol, jeh(h)ol, also jeóla sometimes pl.) Christmas day or Christmastide, and in phr. se \rra jeóla December, se æftera jeóla January; corresp. to ON. jól pl. a heathen feast lasting twelve days, (later) Christmas. An Old Anglian jiuli, recorded by Bede (see quot. 726 in sense 1) as the name of December and January, corresponds to ON. ýlir month beginning on the second day of the week falling within Nov. 10–17, and Goth. jiuleis in fruma jiuleis November. The ultimate origin of the Teut. types - is obscure.]

yule-log, a large log of wood burnt on the hearth at Christmas still a strong symbol in my coal fire heated childhood.

Google Search: yule-bread recipe¨

OLDNORSENET List Archive: Re: Runes: arguments against a merchantile origin?: "Usually numbers written in runes were spelled, there are some cipher crosses
on the Rook stone (see Sven B.F. Jansson, Runes in Sweden, p. 34-35).
On page 92 + 94, is mentioned a grave stone dated to 1449:
Fiurtan hundrath ar ok ainu ari minna then femtigi ar.
Runic calendars have a pentadic system, which seems to be peculiar to

Pendatic numbers: "The Arabic numbering system, instead of being additive, uses place holders - '15' would be a 1 in the tens spot and a 5 in the ones spot or fifteen. With Roman numeral a similar looking IV would be four. The KRS [the fake Kensington Rune Stone ] is unique in that it combines the runic numbers with the Arabic system, which has caused a certain amount of criticism.
'It appears from the foregoing considerations that the engraver of the stone was familiar with the Arabic number system but did not understand its basic logic; and that he knew the runic symbols only for numbers less than ten and did not understanad the runic numerals he used. Since this is true it seems very unlikely that the stone was engraved in the fourteenth century, an much more likely that it was engraved in recent times.' (Dr. John Armstrong) "

Google Search: pentadic system number

counting on fingers in fives
and toes ? two hands plus two feet equals a score , of sheep ? 20

Google Search: runic numbers -kensington -krs

Franks Casket and numerology ????????

Runic Calender from Gotland
Described by Ole Worm
This page has approx. 6 Mb pictures only! But the book is complete.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Jai Maharaj quotations: "About leadership:
'A true leader does not lead but is followed.' - Jai Maharaj

In response to those who say 'love it or leave':
'Some people scream, 'If you don't like it here, why don't you leave!' I say that is the cowards' way out. I am staying to make positive changes.' - Jai Maharaj"

If you criticise a foreign country - you provoke real racism - conform or leave (Denmark too)
Hugh Watkins green roads are trafic free or slowed

Brumleby 18 blocks NW from Olafsvej "NYHED: Zoom ind ved at holde museknappen nede og trække en firkant. "

zoomin one click

then you draw a mouse rectangle round the bit which interests you
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doing this so more blogging again -

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

the five main towns of Denmark
plus a swedish toe