Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Denmark measured

Highest places in Denmark

above mean sea level HILLS

Ejer Bavnehøj Jylland 170,95 m

Yding Skovhøj Jylland 170,89 m BUT a bronze age barrow makes it look the highest

Rytterknægten Bornholm 162 m

Himmelbjerget Jylland 147 m

Aborrebjerg Møn 143 m

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj Fyn 131 m

Gyldenløveshøj Sjælland 126 m

Bavnehøj Falster 44 m

Bavnehøj (ved Birket) Lolland 30 m

Other high places

TV-tårnet ved Århus 320 m TV mast Aarhus

Hove-senderen 300 m TV mast

Gladsaxe-senderen 220 m TV mast

Domus Vista på Roskildevej ved København 92 m block of flats

De to pyloner ved Østbroen over Storebælt er 254 m høje. the bridge pylons between Zealand and Sprogø on the way to Funen

Til sammenligning måler Lillebæltsbroens pyloner 120 m, bridge from Fyn to Jutland bridge from Fyn to Jutland
og Farøbroens 95 the south of Zealand

but this one is over the Swedish water Google Search: Øresundsbro site:dk

Öresundsbron: "The bridge crossing the Flintrännan navigation channel is a cable-stayed bridge, supported by the four pylon legs (204 m above sea level), each pair standing on a common caisson. Crossbeams under the bridge span also connect the pylon legs. The span is suspended by 80 cable pairs which are attached to the pylon legs at 12 m intervals. The high bridge is 1,092 m long, with a main span of 490 m and a navigation clearance of 55 m. "

So Swedish spelling gives the best result Google Search: Öresundsbron
"Lichfield was the second ITA site, which began broadcasting in February 1956. The current mast was built in 1961. "
more or less due north out of my kitchen window

BRIGHT red lights in it now - much brighter than Sutton Coldfield
must have changes the bulbs and cleaned it up.

The Danes go for flashing white strobes on their masts

EMF-Omega-News 08-11-03: "The Wishaw mast hit the ground at 12.20am last night in an act of vandalism according to Crown Castle. "

now why should an english mast be on a German site?

Bürgerwelle e.V.: "electrosmog"